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Inspired by your experience

At ACO, we are committed to ultimate hygienic performance. A quarter of a century’s experience of waste water management in wine production facilities enables us to understand the challenges you face on a daily basis.

Our commitment is embodied in what we call HygieneFirst which includes ongoing investment in research and development, collaborating with customers and other specialists to ensure we deliver leading in-situ performance is incorporated into the design of our drainage systems.

Grape collection area

How to align heavy loads with a safe working environment?

Fermentation and pressing

How to quickly clean the floor without compromising hygiene?

Aging and storage

How to keep your beautiful bouquet?

Bottling area

How to avoid clogging up with drainage and flooding bottling areas?

Barrel washing

How to prevent floor cracks in areas where hot water is used?

Logistics area

How to effectively drain large external areas which are subject to heavy loads?

ACO drainage is an imperative
for reliable and long-lasting floor.
Mario Cvitković, Vibrofloors